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Prior preparation and planning produce peak performance

Athletic Equine

The idea to start a new practise which specialises in helping sports and recreation horses was born from 2 different factors.

The first and most powerful factor was that I have enjoyed a lifetime of caring for my own horses; experiencing all the joys that this recreational pastime can bring. I want to help others experience the same joy with a sound and happy equine friend.

Secondly, while working as an Equine Surgeon at Massey University, I experienced the character of some of the wonderful people in the Sports and Recreation realm when their horses were in real difficulty.  These people had real affection and concern for a member of their family going through a life-threatening event. In some cases, I also saw the waste of a life that could have been helped if someone with the right level of knowledge and experience had been able to diagnose problems earlier.

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From Latin Acus – needle and punctura – puncture

Acupuncture is a unique therapeutic treatment which has been around at least since 3200 BC and became widely recognised in western cultures in the the1970s. Acupuncture is effective on animals and humans and involves the insertion of fine solid needles into specific points in the body to alleviate pain and modify disease.

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