Our Specials!!!

Free first tetanus vaccination with any Dental.

Tetanus is a severe and life-threatening disease that horses are very susceptible to. Vaccination is very effective, has minimal side-effects and is relatively cheap. Many people rely on anti-toxin when a horse gets an injury and whilst that is very effective it assumes that as horse owners we see every small cut and get veterinary attention for it. Coming from the UK I am shocked and disappointed at the low level of tetanus vaccination in New Zealand. I have therefore decided to encourage my clients to vaccinate by offering a special deal of a FREE first tetanus vaccination with all Dental’s.

Foot Balance Radiographs Special

We don’t have x-ray vision so foot balance x-rays help our farriers see exactly where the pedal bone is oriented in the hoof and how they can improve that if necessary.  With this in mind, we are doing a special deal on foot balance radiographs to help people prepare well for the season. Lateromedial and horizontal dorsopalmar views of all four feet for $360 (inc GST) or just both front or both back feet for $180 (inc GST).