Standing Equine Surgery

Field and standing surgical procedures

Sarah has 12 years of equine surgical experience and was fortunate to train with some of the best surgeons in the world including Prof Barrie EdwardsProf Chris Proudman, Prof Peter Clegg, Prof Paddy Dixon and Mr Bruce Bladon. She performed surgery in top institutions such as Edinburgh, Liverpool and Massey. She has also performed surgery in primary practice here and in the UK.  As part of her surgical positions she has also been involved in training surgery and medicine specialists of the future (such as Neil Townsend, Anna Boada and Michelle Dicken) and undergraduate vets.

As part of ongoing training Sarah has attended courses in Europe and the USA in advanced arthroscopy and fracture repair as well a multiple equine conferences. She presented talks at the NZEVA conference in Fiji in June 2013; updating equine veterinarians’ knowledge on fracture stabilisation for transport and the complex area of investigation of back problems.

Field anaesthesia and standing surgical procedures will be available to our clients. Many upper respiratory tract surgeries involving the sinuses and some involving the larynx are preferably performed in the standing horse. Tooth extractions similarly can be performed in the standing horse.

Increasingly techniques are being developed for standing orthopaedic procedures such as check ligament desmotomy for flexural deformities, sequestrum  and partial splint bone removal following wounds  and eye surgeries. These will be available as is appropriate for the individual case.

Short field anaesthesia can be used for castrations and for some more complex orthopaedic, respiratory and wound management situations. With the assistance of a trained anaesthetist these can be prolonged to up to an hour with minimal increased risk of complications enabling some more complex procedures to be performed.

Depending on the facilities available this may mean that surgeries can be performed at home or at a local facility thereby reducing the stress, time and costs incurred through travelling to a surgical facility.

Sarah’s surgical experience includes referral level surgery such as colics, arthroscopies and fracture fixation.  At this stage, Athletic Equine is an ambulatory service so such surgeries will be sent to Massey University and either be performed by their surgeons or by Sarah.  Athletic Equine has an excellent relationship with Massey University which facilitates referral for surgery requiring general anaesthesia.  We strongly believe in the importance of our future vets exposure to such procedures in their teaching environment.

Contact us at any time to discuss standing surgery.